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Mimir's online learning allows you to learn in an environment with the future in mind. I offer a range of courses where you can decide on learning solutions that fit your budget and the results you want to achieve.

Mimir's online læring giver dig mulighed for at lære i et miljø med fremtiden i tankerne. Jeg tilbyder en række kurser, hvor du kan træffe beslutning om læringsløsninger, der passer til dit budget og de resultater, du ønsker at opnå.

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"Introduction to Emotional Intelligence" is designed to raise awareness of a skill we all need in a world of change

Make a difference through Coaching and Emotional Intelligence

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  • Individuals

    For individuals, Mimir Global offer 1-1 Coaching, From entry-level personal development courses online, on-demand or flipped learning courses.

  • Organisations and Communities

    Provide a range of solutions to support a change management process or organisational development goals.

  • Growing in a world of change

    Mimir Global is aware of the challenges individuals and organisations face in a world where disruption is a new reality. Key skills we need as individuals and organisations are to develop our unique human skillset. This is why Professional Coaching and Emotional Intelligence is at the core of everything I do.


Everybody needs

Coaching is a word you may hear in different contexts. Let's look at the fundamental of the word Coach it is: "a comfortably equipped single-decker bus used for longer journeys." A coach is in the work I do a person who supports an individual or a team on their journey to achieve their potential. At Mimir Global when conducting 1-1 coaching I follow the ICF standards and passed courses certified by ICF. Coaching is however much more than just a 1-1 process so I use the skills in everything I do from talks to learning programmes. It is my way of communicating. Coaching helps you to develop a growth mindset and break patterns which don't serve you well.

Emotional Intelligence

The skill which makes you a top performer

Have you ever been in a situation where your emotions got the better of you and didn't serve you well? Was this a working relationship, personal relationship? Chances are you have tried it in both contexts this is why it is important to develop our emotional intelligence so we have a better understanding of how we show up and impact the people around us. This is why at Mimir Global I am a GENOS International Practitioner who provide award-winning assessments and courses to support you to build the skills you need to improve peoples work and personal lives.

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“No doubt that Mimir has steered my life and career in the directions of my dreams. After completing 5 levels of training - I am now living inside my Vision Board. My life has completely transformed and I am ever grateful for Mimir”

Co-Founder VeganVisa

Zan-Mari Serfontein

“Mimir Consulting provides a platform for learning and growth that I have used for my employees. I can definitely observe the value and change it has given. Personally, I’m happy to follow the WeChat groups that give inspiration and also relevant information.”

CIT (Guangzhou) Innovation & Technology Co., Lt

Niels Jensen

“Participating in Mimir Consulting training helped me to start my self-development journey after that nothing has been the same! The training and guidance have been super valuable in understanding personal and business values, goals and communicating between individuals. Highly recommend Mimir Consulting!”

CEO Expat Chinese

Sara Jaaksola